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I  joined the University of the Arts London UAL in 2003 and since 2007 I've been exploring and experimenting with new approaches and models for online open practice, collaboration & innovation. I'm currently the Digital Learning Technologies Manager, part of CCW Learning & Teaching Enhancement (LTE) at the University of the Arts London, Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon (CCW).

I continue to work on UAL's Open Educational Practice and digital literacies advancements, building on UALs growing reputation as forward thinking university in this newly developing area and presented nationally and internationally, see conferences and presentations here.

Research and project funding from JISC, HEA & The Open University:

I've worked on a number of JISC and HEA funded projects including the Developing Digital Literacies programme and the JISC UKOER programmes phases 2 & 3 ALTO & ALTO UK and the development of UALs open practice unit. Between 2011 and 2014 I worked as the DIAL project manager 'Digital Integration Into Arts Learning' part of CLTAD the Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design. In 2012 I completed a year-long SCORE fellowship at the Open University.

Voluntary projects:

In 2007 I initiated process.arts and in 2013 voluntary unfunded projects exploring open online communities for sharing art, design and media practice based learning and teaching.

Chris Follows
Digital Learning Technologies Manager
Camberwell Chelsea Wimbledon College of Arts
University of the Arts London

Office: E113 Chelsea
Mobile: 07703887845
Mobex: 3447

Twitter: @CCWPostDigital


University of the Arts London
Chelsea college of Art and design
CCW (Camberwell Chelsea Wimbledon)
16 John Islip Street

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Selected UAL/CCW work:

 - Exploring free & open education at University of the Arts London

-  Online learning at Camberwell Chelsea & Wimbledon Colleges of Art (CCW)

-  Online identities projects at UAL 

-  Exploring Online Presence in Creative Practice (Student led symposium)

-  Online Identities Pilot Programme 2013/14

-  MakerSpace for Open Practice

-  Digital Literacies - DIAL 2011 - 2013 Executive Summary graphic and PDF versions and DIAL 2014

All Conferences and Presentations

UAL | National | International 


Other projects include:

process.arts A Massive Open Online Community, Sharing Global Innovation in the Arts. Thousands of FREE Art & Design OER to use & enjoy, you can also add your own. Twitter: @ProcessArtsUAL

NAM: Conflict and media 

Online archive and student research website including rich media archive crowd sourcing community. -

Arts Practice

Chris is a painter

Paintings Work in corporate and private collections:

The Professional Football Association (PFA) Manchester, D Jones and J Morris Directors of the Business Design Centre, R. Kaller-Kimche Inc New York, Rumi Verjee of Thomas Goode & Co Limited and Nilsson Architects, won BHF Bank Painting Prize

'The Boat' - 2006 - Acrylic Paint and perforated mesh - re:INVENTING exhibition 22nd May – 28th July 2006. A collaboration between ING Wholesale Banking, National Marinetime Museum Greenwich and Wimbledon School of Art. The Exhibition will show artists response to the ING and NMM collections.

Chris Follows Malcolm Morley - more Defunct Football ground - more detail Open Studios


"The DIAL project was an immensely ambitious 2 year JISC funded project that was led by Chris Follows.  Chris approached the work of the project with extreme dedication, enthusiasm and passion for the subject area and the unique approach that DIAL adopted in supporting staff digital literacy development.  Chris not only exceeded the overall objectives of the project and produced a report and set of resources that brought accolades from the funders, but he also disseminated the work more broadly, speaking at national and international events about DIAL. Chris, over the past 2 years, has grown to be recognised as a national expert, often being invited to participate or speak at high profile events.  The DIAL project has also most importantly had a significant impact on UAL staff and students with ample evidence of its success is enabling communities to develop digital skills to meet their specific needs.

In addition to his outstanding work on the DIAL project Chris has worked extensively outside of his formal roles to develop and grow a community around a social media platform called processarts, designed to enable sharing of practice in the arts.  The platform has been an essential component of the success of the DIAL project and other JISC funded projects like ALTO, acting as a key focal point for sharing resources and building virtual community around particular areas of practice.  Processarts has recently been adopted by UAL as an institutional tool which is a further testament to the usefulness of the tool and the benefits it has brought the art and design community."

Nancy Turner, Programme Director, Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness. University of Saskatchewan


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