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CCW: Chelsea, Camberwell & Wimbledon

Paint Club at Tate Britain: 'Painting as a Document'

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Painting as a Document  25th April 2014: Clore Auditorium, Tate Britain, 

Video Of 'There a Ghost in my House', Paint Club at Tate Britain, March 7th 2014

Ann-Marie James, Andrew Cranston and Dougal McKenzie discuss their choice of paintings in the new Tate Britain displays, in relation to their own painting practice, chaired by Dr Jo Melvin.

Paint Club at Tate Britain Friday 7th March 'There's a Ghost in my House'

Paint Club and Tate present:There's a Ghost in my House'  1 pm Friday 7th March Clore Auditorium Tate Britain

Alternative apps, backing up, choosing distro - Introduction to GNU/Linux

22-01-2014, 14.00-17.00 Chelsea A215.The second event of this series has now been scheduled for the 22nd of January.

The value of free software to education - an introduction to GNU/Linux

Some information about a forthcoming event at Ligatus can be found here.

MA Conservation - Drupal sessions

Second year MA students will attend two hands-on sessions on Drupal, tomorrow and the following Wednesday.

Random words for the love of Drupal

Free software is more than simply downloading and installing new applications. It is a cultural shift.