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If I introduce a game where the students explore each others’ skills, will this have a positive effect on group collaboration?

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This is an action research project that investigates whether exploring group members' skills through a game could have a positive effect on collaboration. 

Student lead action rtesearch workshops

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Research Question:

How can students be helped to carry out action research workshops with their peers that test the effectiveness of their proposed design project?

TDP: Improving peer evaluation

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Can the quality of peer feedback be improved by sessions focused on an introduction to critical vocabulary, and if so, will it positively affect how students perceive crits?

TDP: Communication and participation in the crit

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Will enabling students to define the evaluation criteria, establish a shared language framework and identify ‘best practice’ in a crit, achieve an active arena of student communication

Will the introduction of a framework for drafting a pattern from an existing garment, help to improve student understanding of constructing an original garment from a drawing?

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Overall the students all seemed to gain something from the intervention, whether increased confidence or actual abilities, it seemed to help with their understanding of how to construct a garment f

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Dear Chris,

My name is Ahilan and I'm an Alumni of UAL (CSM 2006 Theatre Design).

The Culture of Women in Music

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Pecha Kucha Presentation 18th January 2012
The Culture of Women in Music