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Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Educational Backflips at Central Saint Martin’s first Symposium in Virtual Reality

Last Wednesday’s symposium launched with dance moves, back-flips, and greetings of “Hey, how are you?

Creative Choices: Social enterprise collaboration between CSM and Women @ the Well

If you would like to see the updates of this research project then please have a look at the presentation at the very end of this listing for the latest summary. It is titlted Appendix 3

Letting go of what you know: Co-designing Enterprise Activities

Students are annoying when they take

Talking about the Enterprising Graduate: Beyond the Degree Show

UAL staff were given a tour around CSM Degree Show Two

How can encouraging peer-learning help students to become more technically independent in the Weave Workshop?

Watch this video!

Video Summary for my Development Project, 'How can encouraging peer-learning help students to become more technically independent?' 

The Enterprising Postgraduate at CSM

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What makes a Postgraduate Art student enterprising?

Talking about fine art enterprise and employability

Digital Disruption of the Educational 'Institution'

There are a huge number of potentially disruptive business models for digital delivery of educational experiences and content emerging outside of traditional educational institutions.

How do final year students in ceramics manage their technical progression?

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A lo-fi, wonky video about final year students in ceramics in the UAL and how they learn.

Exploring Widening Participation at CSM

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Olly O'Keeffe's Development Project (Spring 2015)

Olly teaches Graphic Design at Central St Martins.