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London College of Fashion

Pathfinder: Boldly Going Nowhere?

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Catherine Fuller's Development Project (Spring 2015)

Catherine teaches Fashion Contour at London College of Fashion.

The Culture of Cultural Studies

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Few thoughts on teaching theory to Art and Design students...

Positionality and Reflexive Student Interaction

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Please excuse execrable quality: couldn't convert the ppt to .mov.

TDP Summary

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Can a triangulation of assessment methods help me to identify specific pedagogic needs for an intercultural student environment and myself in order to improve my practice at the London College of F

Tansy Hamley TDP

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Tansy Hamley TDP Teaching development project video

Tutoring students in pairs to improve integration between students from diverse cultural, educational and linguistic backgrounds.

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Teaching Development Project Summary 2015.

Developing Enterprise Skills in Art and Design HE: Case Study

Graduates need the skills, capabilities and attributes to enable them to be successful in an ever changing global economic environment.

Programme 3rd International (Non)Western Fashion Conference 22-23 Nov 2014 Hong Kong

3rd International (Non) Western Fashion Conference

The Global Politics of Fashion

University of Hong Kong, HK

22-23 November 2014

Can a flipped classroom approach enhance students’ engagement with, and understanding of, research methods?

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Purpose - The aim of this teaching development project is to implement a flipped classroom approach and to assess if this teaching and learning strategy enhances students&

Open Education Resource Project - help and tips with written research

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THis is a summary for my Open Education Resource project. I have created an OER on Instagram for supporting students writing their research projects.