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Key Finding from the 'Changing the Learning Landscape' - Online Identities Project

Key finding from the Changing the Learning Landscape – Online Identities project

Interview with Simon Hinde, Programme Director, Jounalism and Publishing at LCC

Saying ‘I won’t use twitter’…it’s like saying ‘I won’t use the Library’

Interview with Jeff Dennis, Senior Academic Lecturer for BA Fine Art at Chelsea

There are a lot of things out there that remains latent, remains as potential, because people haven't figured out interesting things to do with them.

CLL Online Identities Results Graphics

The following shows the graphic visualizations of our findings from the CLL online identities project, designed by Safiyya Lee.

Interview with Colin Priest, Course Leader, BA Interior and Spatial Design

The Creative Act is as Much About Getting Lost as Finding One’s Own Way

OEP Project Summary: How To Become A Fashion Buyer?

How To Become A Fashion Buyer?

This is a question that is entered into Google on average over 700 times per month!

Decoded Training day

I had a number of reservations about a training day in coding. First and foremost being that I have never done any coding before and had no idea how it even worked, let alone how to use it.

Interview with Gill Addison, Stage 3 Coordinator for BA Fine Art at Chelsea

Education is about Enabling

Digital summary of my ITunes OEP project

Watch this video!

My OER project attempts to use ITunes U as a platform to deliver focused technical theory to students in a self contained and self standing environment.

'Changing the Learning Landscape' - Online Identities, Final Report

Final report for the ‘Changing the Learning Landscape’ online identities project: Report authors Joe Easeman, Chris Follows and student researchers/community developers.