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Online Identities - COPYourself Meeting #2

Online Identities - COPYourself Meeting #1

Notes from the first meeting of LCC COPYourself, taken from Filip's Blog, which you can see by c

CCW ON POINT notes from the third 'all group' meeting

Notes by Jheni Arboine;

Issues/ideas raised by ONPOINT meetings

CCW ON POINT notes from the second meeting

Notes by Jheni Arboine;     Notes of the meeting   This meeting had refreshments and this made a big d

David Bamford Video Summary

Watch this video!

“Will implementing deadlines and small projects into software teaching sessions improve student engagement with learning?”

How to post on process arts for 'Wearable Technology'

The follow guide tells you how to post on the process arts website, under the Wearable Technology in the Arts page:

CCW ON POINT, meeting one


Students' Engagement in Industry Projects

This project describes how enterprise and employability are conceived among students in different disciplines and how they engage with industry projects.

DIAL online identities project on Instagram

We're on instagram.

CCW ON POINT, research photos with CCW communities.

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