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Wimbledon College of Art

How to make a ball and socket joint for stop motion armature

A really great example of using online blogs and media to support complex workshop work from Steve wood and his brilliant blog

Stopframe software

Below text is taken from an internal email, I thought it was good bit of advice and general information that could be shared.

Internet Explorer CSS issues //***// a starting point to get our heads around them

Here's the address of a pretty well done blog introducing to the main 'dirty' and more conventional ways of resolving issues related to style sheets when dealing with IE (from version 6

A New Process.Arts logo /*/*/ A Possible Collaborative Online Work ? /*/*/

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Stack Overflow / an useful forum of highly skilled developers / (somewhere I read they're working with Facebook as well)

heres' the link to Stack Overflow, a forum of Q&As packed with fundamental info on web design and programming.

Striking a balance between practice and open practice ?

Striking a balance between practice and open practice, what does it mean to operate in a digital environment? Chris Follows, University of the arts London 2011

Discovering That Glazing Is Amazing - action research PG Cert

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PG Cert Learning and Teaching 2010

Manda Helal, Ceramic & General Technician

Life Drawing - Laurence Noga - Wimbledon foundation 2010/11

Watch this video!

Short video clip during a Life Drawing class by Laurence Noga at Wimbledon foundation September 2010/11

Project 1 - final Crit and Presentation of work

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Project 1 - final Crit and Presentation of work Wimbledon School of Foundation - Fine Art , 3D design students - project 1 - 30 October 2010

Casting ice cream/plaster mould

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Q; Hi Tirantis,

I’m always advising students to "go and buy it at Tirantis", but now I need some advice myself if that’s OK!