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Wimbledon College of Art

Rosemary Munro Kerr at CCW Digital MakerSpace day

Rosemary Munro Kerr | WCA Student MFA | 'Solar-technik' a digital replication of experienced sunlight.   Images from Chelsea

TDP Video Summary

Watch this video!

Teaching Development Project Research Question: 


Feedback report on DIAL and Drupal UAL (draft 06.06.13)

As an art student at Wimbledon I was quickly introduced to basic online practices by the requirements of the course, blogging and online research.

Inspirational Websites and Blogs

There are many great blogs and websites that collate good film, video, design and animation - here are a few of my favorites:

A Picture of the team

The Team are great

Robbie Pacquett Technical Arts and special effects

Watch this video!

In this video Robbie Pacquett talks about how he went about making his degree show work at Wimbledon College of Art, interviewed bet Chris Follows, towards the end of this video we see Robbie in hi

list of Drupal distributions for Higher Education

to recap on the possible configuration for a drupal distro to come for UAL

this is the Open Academy distribution

DRUPALCON 2012, HTML5 microdata

The new HTML5, a language used to build web pages, is being developed by the Web Consortium and it will enable machine to better understand the data contained in internet pages.

DRUPALCON 2012, Drupal and Academia: the necessity to mobilize and unite our forces

This is the follow up from the previous post on Drupal and the Academia

DRUPALCON 2012, the state of Drupal and Academia

From an informal discussion group today emerged the need for cohesion among departments, universities and the various individuals using Drupal.