How We Work - A conference funded by SEE at CSM

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This is a record of the How We Work conference held at CSM on June 14th 2014. The conference was funded by SEE.

What Is Animation?

Teaching Stop Motion Animation In-class

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Video describing my intervention for the Teaching Development Project of my PG Cert.

Virtual Worlds notes

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I attended a workshop today by Julia Gaimster at UAL exploring Virtual Worlds, I created an avatar in second life in 2007

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker makes it easy to enhance, remix and share web video.

How to make a ball and socket joint for stop motion armature

A really great example of using online blogs and media to support complex workshop work from Steve wood and his brilliant blog

Wimbledon Technical Arts talking about her animation project

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Ruth, Wimbledon Technical Arts talking about her animation project.

All Project Groups

Project groups on process.arts provide individuals, project teams, courses, conference groups or communities of interest a place to cluster groups of user generated content together, group forums c

Stopframe software

Below text is taken from an internal email, I thought it was good bit of advice and general information that could be shared.

Film and Video makers - whatever happened to English underground film?

If you want to show your film work and interact with the public in a cool space then give EXPLODING CINEMA a call. . .

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