This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

Transforming Tate Britain: Archives & Access

The Archives & Access project takes the largest archive of British art in the world and makes it accessible to national and international online audiences, through an ambitious programme of dig

Metropolitan Museum Provides Free Access to 400,000 high-resolution digital Images

Loads of free arts image here to be used in learning and teaching, look through the Metropolitan Museum 400,000 public domain wor


Everything you wanted to know about being an artist, but didn’t know you needed to know, and probably didn’t know who to ask anyway.

Primer covers the things you need to co

Gasworks - Public gallery and artists' studios

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Gallery Films is a new series of interviews with five galleries from around England that gives insight into the different ways in which exhibition spaces can operate.

Curriculum Development Fund: Awarded Projects

SEE and CLTAD have announced their winning curriculum development projects, a funding scheme to support staff at University of the Arts London to experiment, research and develop new knowledge of e

The Case for Appropriation: Rob Storr

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Rob Storr provides a clear introduction and overview of the historical and contemporary issues around artists and appropriation specifically 'originality', appropriation an

Reflective Learning: Measuring the effects of Artists talks on Fine Art students

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The aim of my teaching development project was to develop a more effective briefing content for reflective learning activities.

Understanding Image Resolution - OEP Project Summary

Brian Chalkley's "Dawn in Wonderland and Other Stories" - book launch and panel discussion

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Panel discussion which took place at the book launch event for Brian Dawn Chalkley's Dawn in Wonderland and Other Stories.

The Value of Money: Professional visual artists decisions around income

Initiating research on artists livelihoods and value systems around money.