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Arts Studios

Chelsea College of Arts Staff Exhibition

Chelsea College of Arts has many art and design practitioners as teaching staff as you would expect, although Chelsea also has many more artist and designers in administration, support and estates

Geoff painting in the gardens at Stockwell studios

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Geoff Routh painting in the gardens at Stockwell studios, you can see Geoff and other artist working at Stockwell's open studios weekend:

Louise Whitham in her studio

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I noticed a door open under the stairs at Stockwell studios and there was Louise Whitham so we had a chat.

Stockwell Studios

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This is Stockwell studios, process.arts will be working with studio artists and designers to gain insight into professional practice.

Stockwell studios on BBC London 94.9 fm

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This radio interview highlights the challenges for artist run studios. (See Stockwell community report -

Geoff Routh - Stockwell Studios

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I went for a wander with my camera around Stockwell studios in this video I had a chat with Geoff Routh, Geoff paints in the gardens and is one of the original members of Stockwell studios.

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