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Digital arts

#52 Junkyard Jumbotron

From The Media Lab MIT- - The Junkyard Jumbotron lets you take a bunch of random laptops,

Developing Apps for iPhone & iPad: A Free Stanford Course

thumb image - Looking to design apps for the iPhone or iPad? Stanford University now has a course online that will help you do just that.


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Google SketchUp Pro is 3D modeling software for professionals.

PROCESS: The working practices of Barney Bubbles

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Curated by Paul Gorman

14 September – 23 October 2010

Private view: Tuesday 21 September 18.00 – 20.30 on Resonance 104.4 FM interviews Lottie Child & Corrado Morgana

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Corrado Morgana is a Media artist, electronic musician and researcher. Currently a part time doctoral student at University of the Arts London.

Learning in Cyberspace: digital tutorials

Watch this video!

The project investigates web-based technologies as learning tools for CAD and digital visualisation with Vectorworks.

using Motion during a live feed> Possible?

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I am thinking of using a live feed and then having the package Motion apply 'particles' on the screen so that animated 'things' appear on the images from the live feed.

Suckerfish menus

See video

Some other suckerfish menu links to explore, will try some out in drupal and see how they work ?

Google Wave and process.arts?

Google Wave and process.arts? Drupal developments, Can Google wave been intergrated with process.arts?


Video and Visual Effects Blogs

Video, visual effects and animation blogs and websites

Motion Graphics blog with links