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Pearson and the London Knowledge Lab present Intelligence Unleashed: Education and AI in the lab

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On 15th October 2015 the London Knowledge Lab hosted an event in collaboration with Pearson gathering together teachers, education technologists and experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence

Technology is the answer, but what was the question?

Perspectives on Material and Conceptual Technologies Exploration: How can peer-led informal learning strategies complement formal curricula in Art and Design to empower students to

Give Get of the CCW Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace

The main objective of the CCW Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace project is to develop staff and student inter-disciplinary resou

Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace Week 3 & 4

Headlines from the past two weeks (1-12 Feb 2016) of the Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace project at UAL CCW are below listed below:

Snips Artificial Intelligence and the arts

We are looking forward to starting an art school debate & research into Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Arts in collaboration with Snips who  'Use Artificial Intelligence to Make

Molly Smisko student working with Virtual Reality

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Molly Smisko, BA textiles Year 3 will help lead the CCW Virtual Reality group, part of

Digital Anthropology Lab at LCF

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The LCF Digital Anthropology Lab is based at London College of Fashion and is a research studio bringing industry and academia

Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace #week2

The highlight of Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace #week2 was the informal meet-up ith the 3D Printing and Digital Fabr

Virtual Reality Group

The Virtual Reality (VR) Group will explore the use of the technologies listed below in art & design practice.

Physical Computing Group

The Physical computing Group will explore the use of interactive physical systems (software and hardware) such as those listed technologies on art & design practice, we aim to build a UAL wide