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Film and video

Featured Film & Video post: Sound and Story

Cloud-based browser video editing from We-Video

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There is a free version of this that you can try out which gives you the following:

Stanley Kubrick archive visit

I visited the Stanley Kubrick archive today as part of the NAM web project we're working on, also had my

Open source online video editing software

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You can upload your own media to this site - either materials on your hard drive, or directly in from web-cam or computer mic. You edit online.

Movie Masher open source online video editor

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An open source video editor which can be embedded into your own web site.

Open source video editing and VJ software

Open source editor and VJ tool - you have to download to PC/Mac to use.

OER Video remix ideas for collaborative and open video editing


Video editing software list:


open source video editing:


Podcasting - Steeple

Steeple is a JISC funded UK Higher Education community project, led by Oxford University, the Open University, and Cambridge University.

Transferring FCP projects to after effects/avid/protools etc

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legal FREE software for transferring your final cut projects to after effects/avid/protools etc (used to be $500)


See video

Skillset is the industry body which supports skills and training for people and businesses to ensure the UK creative industries maintain their wor

Alto Competition Final Submission - "Your name (ALTO) here"

Watch this video!

This video has been created to communicate Alto's CREATE, COLLABORATE, SHARE and PROMOTE concepts, so it has been produced using public domain films which also reflect or transmit creating, collabo