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Film and video

Featured Film & Video post: Sound and Story

Process 01 - Alto Competition

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My creative process usually starts writing a draft. This time it was going to be a draft for a video, and I wanted to find a way to share the process.


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A virtiual tour of the unique and charming qualities of UAL.

ALTO Cake ( Final submission)

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Eating cake is ritual, It is ceremonial, and it covers all that Alto stands for, in a british simplistic and awkward manner.

Stilted Tea Party

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Artist Talk. fantich&young "Double Games, Red In Tooth And Claw" 2011

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fantich&young' artists talk about the concept, influences and the process of  creation: "Double Games, Red In Tooth and Claw." 2009 - 2010

Art work "Double

Co-editing experiment

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This video demonstrates a really low tech, quick demonstration/example/experiment of how an editor and a content producer could save time and edit together without having to be in the same space, l

How to create a 3rd Party video post

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Screen Recording using QuickTime X

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Learn how to use the new screen recording feature of QuickTime X in Snow Leopard. It provides basic video screen capture ability.

Cooliris fastest way to browse photos and videos on the Web

We are looking into using this Cooliris - Liveshare for NAM and process.arts, looks interesting, be great to have users embed code


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This software was recommended to me during a recent SCORE OER meeting I attended.