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Film and video

Featured Film & Video post: Sound and Story

English Plus - Film Making DAY 1

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Tiutor - Chris Follows

Students will take part in video and animation workshops to create their own experimential video and animations.

English plus Film Day 2 Week 1

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English plus Film Day 2 Week 1 - In small groups of four/five create an animation using sculpting clay, capture the movement and development of your idea by sculpting the clay in different ways to

BUFVC launches pioneering federated search environment

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An innovative 'all-in-one' search engine allowing users to access nine online databases, containing more than 13 million records via a single entry point, has been launched today by th

3-point bending under a circular polariscope of annealed polycarbonate bar with a notch

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Annealed, polycarbonate bar with a notch undergoing 3-point bending under a circular polariscope.

Details FCP server for OER art & design video resources

This setup could have the potential to be used in many ways and we may need to all come together in order to make this happen/funding.

Tools for shared OER (Open educational resource) video editing

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At the Broadcast Video Expo at Earl’s Court few months ago, Trams gave a Final Cut server demo, I had been thinking about ways of making best practical u

Victoria Beaton Tech Arts 2009

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Wimbledon Technical Arts student Victoria Beaton

talking about her final degree show piece for her show in 2009

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Bullet time explosions tutorial

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This tutorial will show a simple technique for achieving the bullet time, freezing effect.

Final Installation with sound

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I brought a Dictaphone into the woods, and took several sound recordings of a variety of things that I heard on my visit.

WCA Foundation Video & Animation FMP

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This is the first time I've introduced a group blog to support teaching, learning and assessment at Wimbledon College of Foundation