This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

Wimbledon College of Arts Fine Art Course Website

Wimbledon College of Arts Fine Art Website -

Look At The (E)state We're In (LATEWI) Film

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A short film documenting Look At The Estate We're In (LATEWI).

Art/Work (A Short Film)

The Enterprising Postgraduate at CSM

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What makes a Postgraduate Art student enterprising?

CCW Fine Art on Careers and Employability in the Curriculum

CCW Fine Art Enterprise & Employability Discussion 29.06.15

Rosemary Munro Kerr at CCW Digital MakerSpace day

Rosemary Munro Kerr | WCA Student MFA | 'Solar-technik' a digital replication of experienced sunlight.   Images from Chelsea

Jon Clair at CCW Digital MakerSpace day

Jon Clair | WCA Student MFA | Where the body meets the screen

Metropolitan Museum Provides Free Access to 400,000 high-resolution digital Images

Loads of free arts image here to be used in learning and teaching, look through the Metropolitan Museum 400,000 public domain wor


Everything you wanted to know about being an artist, but didn’t know you needed to know, and probably didn’t know who to ask anyway.

Primer covers the things you need to co