This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

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Long term sustainability is an important consideration in todays world.

Film and Video makers - whatever happened to English underground film?

If you want to show your film work and interact with the public in a cool space then give EXPLODING CINEMA a call. . .

Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro website offers trouble shooting, managing and experimenting tutorials

This site features: editing, effects, audio, DVD Compressor, HD, HDV, 24P, motion, colour, article archive, tutorial reviews, software plugin reviews, hardware reviews, and discussions.

Video Copilot tutorials for VFX & Motion Graphics

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Amazing effects, filming techniques and more is available from:

On-line video resources for learning provided by

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tutorial - how to make an image contact sheet in Adobe Bridge

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This video tutorial demonstrates how to make and print a quick and easy contact sheet for your images using Adobe Bridge.

ubu offers a platform to explore interesting film and video content.

Ubu is brilliant - providing umlimited material of featured resources, contemporary projects, artists interviews, a hugh film and video archive, video artist, experimental film makers, sound art, h Final Cut & After Effects tutorials

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Life Drawing - Laurence Noga - Wimbledon foundation 2010/11

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Short video clip during a Life Drawing class by Laurence Noga at Wimbledon foundation September 2010/11

1. Preparing and Cutting your Wood - STRETCHER MAKING WORKSHEET part 1

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1. Preparing and Cutting your Wood

You will need:
4 lengths of 'prepared' 2x1 (6 if your stretcher is larger than 1m squared)