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Art and Science

Understanding Image Resolution - OEP Project Summary

Even Numbers of the 6 times table

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This video shows my thinking when it comes to a simple trick with 'even' numbers in the 6 times table.

UAL Debates in Enterprise and Sustainability

This debate series will explore what kinds of future await graduates and how we can contribute to creating a more sustainable future.

eScent® - a scent symphony that is tailored to fit mood

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Scentsory Design® invents a new method to deliver scent from mood-enhancing clothing.

'Lift My Mind' Ceroma Scent System

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'Lift My Mind' is a backpack designed by Dr Jenny Tillotson for The North Face sports endurance running collection.

InnoScent™ Wellness Pendent

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InnoScent™ is a wellness pendent which couples as a wireless acoustic sound baby monitor to de-stress mothers.

Scentsory Design

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Scentsory Design® is an animation film that explores the fusion of Emotional Fashion with 'aromachology' (the scienc

Mood Swings Therapeutic Rainbow

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The findings from my Knowledge Transfer Fellowship with Philips center on essential oils as the basis for wearable product ideas, using joint expertise in design, scent, colour therapy and technolo

Open research

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Beethoven once wrote "There should be only one repository of art in the world, to which the artist would donate his works in order to take what he would need".

Artist Talk. fantich&young "Double Games, Red In Tooth And Claw" 2011

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fantich&young' artists talk about the concept, influences and the process of  creation: "Double Games, Red In Tooth and Claw." 2009 - 2010

Art work "Double