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How to Write Blog PostsThat Fit Your Audience

What is the point in having perfectly written content, search engine ready web pages, and sale worthy text if you are not making an impact on your customers?

9 Effective Proofreading Techniques For Creative Writers

Writing any piece of fiction takes blood, sweat and tears. Once you've written 'the end', and sat back from the keyboard, you just want to be done with it.

Christian Payne: speaker at DigiTell 2014

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We're really please to announce Christian Payne (aka Documentally) as one of our speakers at


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How do student self-assessments compare to tutor summative assessments and are students’ perceptions of self-assessment affected by involvement in the activity?

The research project explored whether student self-assessment and marking aligns with tutor summative assessments. In addition, Student perceptions of self-assessment were explored before and after carrying out a self-assessment activity, enabling students to comment on various aspects of self-assessment.

My findings indicate that most student participants awarded themselves a mark which was very close to the tutor awarded mark. Findings suggest that those students who assess themselves at a higher grade than the tutor awarded mark, do so by a far greater percentage variation than those whose self-assessments are close to the tutor assessment.

The Making of Stanley Kubrick: the iconic film-maker’s creative process

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The Making of Stanley Kubrick: a new oral history film series offer insights about the iconic film-maker’s creative process

Jisc MediaHub lots of rich media for educational use

Jisc is now offering over 130,000 media items free to further education providers Jisc is now offering further education (FE) providers’ free subscription to Jisc MediaHub.

SEE Publications: Exploring enterprise and employability in art and design

We are delighted to share three new SEE publications that explore enterprise and employability in

What Are You Doing Here?

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I am half way through my first week and I am exhausted! I forgot what hard work it is to be a student, to have a weekly routine and be expected at school five days a week.

All Project Groups

Project groups on process.arts provide individuals, project teams, courses, conference groups or communities of interest a place to cluster groups of user generated content together, group forums c

Full metal Jacket interview Philip Castle

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PART 1 PHILIP CASTLE INTERVIEW - ON 'FULL METAL JACKET' Part 1 of a 4 part interview with Philip Castle, a British Illustrator most widely recognised for his iconic creations of the posters