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Creative Commons Licences are they right for for you?

This article provides an introduction to the use of the Creative Commons licence system and sets it in a historical, economic and political context.


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We had the prize giving tonight for the #ALTO-COMP, thank you everyone who took part in the competition and well done and many congratulations to the WINNERS:

OCWC Competition

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Design contest – Create a logo for the Open Education Week, get your work seen around the world and win £1000

#ALTO-COMP competition participants

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Please see list of the ALTO competition entries in no particular order. (see below)

Well done everyone, amazing!


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milk in water (final choice for 'create' section of film)

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The part of the film I wanted to communicate the concept of 'create' was done though the process of milk traveling and eventually occupying a glass of water.

editing process for 'COLLABORATE'

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The idea of taking a process from nature and re-arranging it to play with our perception and how perfect the structures within our existence are really interests me and formed the concept behind tr

Stills from the indian ink in water experiments

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I want to communicate these OER concepts in a thought provoking, platonic and beautiful way. I've decided to personify these concepts into visual and abstract motions.

Find creative commons images with

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This site searches CC Flicker images you can use in your practice, this site specialises in finding creative commons images, have a go and please let us know what you think and how you used it, is

A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)

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This Guide comprises three sections (see attacched PDF).