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Copyright issues

This is a Featured Tag Copyright Issues: This group aims to bring together debate and support around all the copyright developments and issues relevant to digital literacies UAL practice

Introduction into digital copyright

A mystery revealed - Copyright, design, trade mark and patents for students (Workshop 1) | Online Identities Pilot Programme 2013/14

Copyright and IPR for CSM staff and POI project team (STAFF ONLY EVENT)

The Professional Online Identities project see overview will identify and develop specific digital li

Call for Papers! Art of Disruptive Engagement - Designs on E-Learning 2013

How to enforce your rights and resolve disputes - The Creatives

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Rachael Taylor shares her story of infringement of her textile designs by a large retailer.

How to enforce your rights and resolve disputes - The Professionals

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Three professionals with expertise in regard to legal issues in the creative industry provide their perspective on how best to resolve IP disputes and enforce your rights.

How to build a brand in textile design

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Rachael Taylor is making a name for herself with her quirky style of textile and surface design patterns.

The life and business of an independent photographer

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David Hoffman's life as a photographer is dedicated to recording citizens' protest against executive and economic power.

Bruce Bell – Innovation in Building Design and Construction

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Bruce Bell, a former fine art student and now the founder and director of FACIT Homes, explains how he applied the process of designing and manufacturing a product to building houses while Gil

Draft programme of events and activities for Professional Online Identities project at CSM

A cross UAL collaboration project between,

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Trawling the Internet for inspiration is one thing.