This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

Research & practice

Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace #week2

The highlight of Pop-Up Digital MakerSpace #week2 was the informal meet-up ith the 3D Printing and Digital Fabr

The PlanEt project

PlanEt is a collaboration research project between World Wilder Lab ( , Cyril Shing and DRS02 from Chels

Pop Up Digital Maker Space

The 'Pop-Up Digital Maker Space' is an inter-disciplinary project by CCW Digital and part fun

Darryl Clifton on Art Schools (Nicer Tuesdays)

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Nicer Tuesdays is It's Nice That's monthly talks series bringing together four speakers to explore a particular theme.

From MOOC to Personal Learning

The cMOOC, is based on connection rather than content, looks more like an online community than a course, and doesn’t have a defined curriculum or formal assignments.

Exploring Widening Participation at CSM

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Olly O'Keeffe's Development Project (Spring 2015)

Olly teaches Graphic Design at Central St Martins.

Pathfinder: Boldly Going Nowhere?

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Catherine Fuller's Development Project (Spring 2015)

Catherine teaches Fashion Contour at London College of Fashion.

Workshops Project

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Audiovisual summary of Gill Johnson's Teaching Development Project (Spring 2015)

Gill teaches Graphic Design at Norwich University of the Arts.

About Chelsea Jam

Digital Maker Community at Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon Colleges of Art (CCW)

DIALOGUE 01 & 02 Report & Feedback 29/03/15

DIALOGUE is a series of events, conferences, lunch time meetings organized by the CCW Learning, Teaching and Enhancement (LTE) team to promote, share, develop and support the delivery of excellent