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Information literacy

Library Services things Unlimited update for DIAL draft final report

Library Services things Unlimited project update for the DIAL project draft final report.

Colour Things Unlimited 'LILAC'

Things Unlimited (a DIAL project) has a poster session at the LILAC con

DRUPALCON 2012, HTML5 microdata

The new HTML5, a language used to build web pages, is being developed by the Web Consortium and it will enable machine to better understand the data contained in internet pages.

23 things for UAL

This project focuses on digital information literacy, addressing this initially through a process of discussion and confidence building with Library Services staff.

DIAL project 2-minute video update

Watch this video!

A video overview of the DIAL (Digital Integration into Arts Learning) project part of the JISC Developing Digital Literacies programme - http://dial.myblog.