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OER reuse

Creating and Teaching Art Online with John Casey and Chris Follows of ALTO and Process Arts

thumb image recently attended the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC), a gathering of educators and professionals interested in the availability and application of free online college course

John Casey ALTO Manchester OER11, Manchester

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Lecture slides - The ALTO Project:  Linking OERs to Professional Development and Knowledge Management activities.

Exploring best practice in the collaborative use of OER rich media resources in art & design practice based-learning & teaching

My role as ‘Arts Learning and Teaching Online’ (ALTO) college coordinator at the University of the Arts London provides a rare opportunity to observe and contrast how OER learning content is create

Module 02_01 | MIT 8.01SC Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Fall 2010

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I like the way this video from MIT combines/shows the teachers enthusiasm and the hand draw approach to describe his point, aerial shots are good.

Negotiating meaning using Found OER Footage

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OER Arts practice 1

For this video I'm exploring possible ways of using Open Educational Resources (OERs) content to create new work and new meanings.