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Open and Flexible Learning

open_and_flexible_learning.jpg This group aims to highlight the open practice of individuals and groups who share personal and professional practice online through participatory blogs and online community networks. Content (resources & ideas) are mostly unrestricted to access and freely downloadable for use and reuse, content is openly licensed using creative commons or similar.

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The Underground Curriculum

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The Underground Curriculum is an education system running parallel to the conventional system.

Getting a Broader view of BC's Education System

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I'm starting to get a more realistic view of how the schooling system works. I spent Wednesday at an Alternative School called Glacier View which is fantastic.

Hidden Creatures

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Whilst I was in Wood Working class, I wondered round taking photos and looking at the machines, all of a sudden so many different faces and characters popped out to secretly say hi, they asked me t

What Are You Doing Here?

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I am half way through my first week and I am exhausted! I forgot what hard work it is to be a student, to have a weekly routine and be expected at school five days a week.

First Impressions

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I arrived in Comox, BC, Canada two days ago. Everyday I am discovering this place in so many different ways and slowly adjusting to Canadian culture.

Open Education Week: Open Policy Intro (Cable Green)

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Please join the discussion at:

David Wiley: What is Open Education?

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Dr. David Wiley is Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University.

Process Arts presentation: Tiergarten, Berlin 5th cltad international conference

Chris Follows - Process Arts presentation: 5th cltad international conference Challenging the curriculum: exploring discipline boundaries in art, design and media