This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

Open and Flexible Learning

open_and_flexible_learning.jpg This group aims to highlight the open practice of individuals and groups who share personal and professional practice online through participatory blogs and online community networks. Content (resources & ideas) are mostly unrestricted to access and freely downloadable for use and reuse, content is openly licensed using creative commons or similar.

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Exploring free & open education at University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London (UAL) has led the field in open education & digital literacies activities & projects in arts & design subjects over the past eight years, which have contri

Open Education at UAL

Communities of Practice Practice UAL

DIAL Evaluation Report (Open Educational Resources)

This report evaluates the progress of four projects within the JISC-funded UAL Project DIAL (Digital Integration into Arts Learning).

What is a MOOC?

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Written and Narrated by Dave Cormier
Video by Neal Gillis

Researchers: Dave Cormier, Alexander McAuley,  George Siemens, Bonnie Stewart

Unlimited access to online training for staff and students with

Library Services is pleased to let you know that the University has renewed it’s subscription for a campus licence to for a further year.

Creating OER and Combining Licenses - Full

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This video is intended to help you choose compatible resources and choose a valid license for your work.

SCORE Fellowship Final Report: Chris Follows

Exploring collaborative use and re-use of OER rich media resources in art and design

By Chris Follows, University of the Arts, London

Learning studio workshop on digital tools and social media

As you may be aware, increasing staff confidence in the use of digital technologies is a key priority for the College next year.

4 categories of open educational practice

How can we bring about changes in belief and attitude? 

Case study: OEP & process.arts at UAL

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In this video Chris Follows from leads a 60 minute presentation and group discussion on UALs (University of the arts London) perspectives of developing open participatory education and so