This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

Teaching development project

How will the introduction of more visual notes lead to a better understanding of practice?

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Debbie Stack presents a summary of her Teaching Development project.

Addressing the problem of being caught in knowing rather than being

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A short account of a Teaching Development Project that attempts to address the problems that 3rd year students have returning to making when they are writing and researching for their dissertations

Ana Araujo: Teaching Development Project

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Ana presents a summary of her Teaching Development Project.

Understanding illustration as a discipline through discussion

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A summary of a Teaching Development project on the use of discussion activities to enhance student understanding of Illustration.

Student lead action rtesearch workshops

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Research Question:

How can students be helped to carry out action research workshops with their peers that test the effectiveness of their proposed design project?

TDP: Improving peer evaluation

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Can the quality of peer feedback be improved by sessions focused on an introduction to critical vocabulary, and if so, will it positively affect how students perceive crits?

CLTAD Teaching Development Projects

This group contains a collection of outputs from Teaching Development Projects complete

The role of extracurricular activities in activating 'creative dispositions'

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A short account of a Teaching Development Project on the role of extracurricular activities in activating 'creative dispositions'

TDP - Sound Design on BA Media Practice

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Klaus Fried's BA Media Practice students share their experience of his Teaching Development Project.

Fashion Lab

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Constructing an active and engaging graduate community of practice built around enterprise that is peer-driven and relevant to the current state of the creative and cultural industries. .