This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

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About the UAL ArtsBox Service

UAL has its own in-house file ‘dropbox’ facility ArtsBox which  allows staff to transfer large files to and from the university, without h

Graphics Process Blog

graphicsprocess a fantastic resources currently being developed and designed in coordination with technical teaching at BA Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Arts in London.

IP Strategy Blog

The new Intellectual Property Strategy blog charts the progress of the development of the new IP policy and strategy and is intended to make the process open and consultative.

Critical Practice

Critical Practice is a cluster of individual artists, researchers, academics and others, supported by Chelsea College of Art & Design, London.

UAL Archives and Special Collections Online Catalogue

The archives and special collections of the University of the Arts London are composed of a rich and varied range of materials, some unique or rare, and examples

Getting started with myblog.arts

Workshop: Getting started with myblog.arts (50 minutes)

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CSM Materials Collection

Materials & Products Collection (Lower floor - CSM Library)

The Materials & Products collection features a wide range of frequently updated samples of innovati

Workbench. The blog of the Chelsea College Wood Workshop

Step inside the exciting creative environment of the Chelsea College Wood workshop by visiting our blog. .


Artquest encourages critical engagement and provides practical support to visual artists at any stage in their careers.

Work based & work related learning within Higher Education

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FdA Graphic Design. Camberwell - Two years shaped by regular consultation with key industry figures.