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1. Preparing and Cutting your Wood - STRETCHER MAKING WORKSHEET part 1

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1. Preparing and Cutting your Wood

You will need:
4 lengths of 'prepared' 2x1 (6 if your stretcher is larger than 1m squared)

Wood turning

Watch this video!

Notes to come:

Disc Sander demonstration

Watch this video!

Disc Sander

This video shows some common uses of the disc sander, and the best ways of using it safely. (view QT link below for viewing on Apple mobile devices)

Pillar drill demonstration

Watch this video!

Pillar Drill demonstration by Paul Lindley (view QT link below for viewing on Apple mobile devices)
Securely clamp work piece.
Insert drill piece into chuck

Foundation 3D Wiki

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A Blog developed byDavid Fusco  -

12 - Gilded wood

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Originally a cube designed to illustrate the obvious but visually interesting concept of how the timber we use relates to a tree, some adjacent experiment with gold leaf on a picture frame prompted

11 - Hardwood sphere

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Assorted, reclaimed hardwoods including mahogany, beech, ash, oak and ebony are glued randomly together and then turned on the lathe. See video.