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Changing the Learning Landscape


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Key Finding from the 'Changing the Learning Landscape' - Online Identities Project

Key finding from the Changing the Learning Landscape – Online Identities project

CLL Online Identities Results Graphics

The following shows the graphic visualizations of our findings from the CLL online identities project, designed by Safiyya Lee.

'Changing the Learning Landscape' - Online Identities, Final Report

Final report for the ‘Changing the Learning Landscape’ online identities project: Report authors Joe Easeman, Chris Follows and student researchers/community developers.

20:20 project funding evaluation

For the 'Changing the Learning Landscape' online identities project successful applied for additional funding from arts temps

Proposal for online identities freshers stall

This proposal was submitted by Filip Bigos, Community Developer for the LCC COPYourself community.

Online Identities - COPYourself Meeting #2

Online Identities - COPYourself Meeting #1

Notes from the first meeting of LCC COPYourself, taken from Filip's Blog, which you can see by c

CCW ON POINT notes from the third 'all group' meeting

Notes by Jheni Arboine;

Issues/ideas raised by ONPOINT meetings

CCW ON POINT notes from the second meeting

Notes by Jheni Arboine;     Notes of the meeting   This meeting had refreshments and this made a big d

CCW ON POINT, meeting one