This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

CLTAD Teaching Development Projects


A collection of outputs from Teaching Development Projects completed in partnership with CLTAD through courses, secondments and Fellowships. Read more.

Systems Values & Attitudes towards Recycled & Waste Materials

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This development project explores this issue of 'Systems, Values & Attitudes towards Recycled & Waste Materials' within the context of the technical workshops at UAL. 

Can an online revision platform, compliment learning in the classroom?

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With this project, I created an online learning resource for all students, to be primarily used to complement the workshop experience and as a post classroom revision platform.

What are Chinese students perceptions of creativity? BA Design Management and Cultures. Mo-Ling Chui

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This is a visual video summary (or accompaniment) to the development research project report.

How might Fine Art students engage with peer learning to become more confident in their approach to contextual research?

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Development Project B Summary Animation:

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A Journey into Critical Reflection

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A summary video of PG Cert Professional Development project looking at how Critical Reflection can inform teaching practice.

How can encouraging peer-learning help students to become more technically independent in the Weave Workshop?

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Video Summary for my Development Project, 'How can encouraging peer-learning help students to become more technically independent?' 

Language & Culture TDP

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I short video summary of my interviews with International Asian students studying Graphic Design on the CCW Foundation in Art & Design course.

John Noonan Audio Visual TDP Summary

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John Noonan's TDP Audio Visual Summary: "What makes a good lecture"

How do final year students in ceramics manage their technical progression?

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A lo-fi, wonky video about final year students in ceramics in the UAL and how they learn.