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CLTAD Teaching Development Projects


A collection of outputs from Teaching Development Projects completed in partnership with CLTAD through courses, secondments and Fellowships. Read more.

OEP Project Summary: How To Become A Fashion Buyer?

How To Become A Fashion Buyer?

This is a question that is entered into Google on average over 700 times per month!

Open Education Resource Project - help and tips with written research

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THis is a summary for my Open Education Resource project. I have created an OER on Instagram for supporting students writing their research projects.

OO_ER! Open, Online Educational Resources

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A short summary of my open educational practice project which took the form of a Tumblr for those new to teaching Art and Design at Higher Education.

OER Assignment July 30 2014

legolab oer

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LEGOLAB OER by Fred Meller

Open Educational Practice 2014 - induction week OER

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Summary resource to accompany the Open Educational Practice project 'Induction week OER with gamified activity'. Adrian Crookes, July 2014.

iTunes U OER for OEP unit

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This is a video summary of the OER I created as part of my Open Educational Practice unit. 


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How do student self-assessments compare to tutor summative assessments and are students’ perceptions of self-assessment affected by involvement in the activity?

The research project explored whether student self-assessment and marking aligns with tutor summative assessments. In addition, Student perceptions of self-assessment were explored before and after carrying out a self-assessment activity, enabling students to comment on various aspects of self-assessment.

My findings indicate that most student participants awarded themselves a mark which was very close to the tutor awarded mark. Findings suggest that those students who assess themselves at a higher grade than the tutor awarded mark, do so by a far greater percentage variation than those whose self-assessments are close to the tutor assessment.

How Traffic Lights & Emojis Can Help Improve Student Attendance ; )

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A Teaching Development Project which aims to answer the question of 'how can nudge theory improve student attendance?'