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CLTAD Teaching Development Projects


A collection of outputs from Teaching Development Projects completed in partnership with CLTAD through courses, secondments and Fellowships. Read more.

TDP - Student engagement

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The project's focus is to increase student engagement with the unit Work Experience by changing the delivery of the weekly lectures.

Project Video Summary

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2 minute video summary to accompany the TDP Assessment Element 2: Report & Summary

OEP project report

Karl Vodrey TDP The Technical Project video summary 305MB

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This video is showing the printed textile department at the Royal College of Art.

How can a feedback debrief help to align student / tutor understanding of the feedback process?

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This research is looking at how to make feedback process between student and tutor more useful for the learning process.

TDP Video Report Summary

Professional Development Canvas by Dennis Morrison

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TDP Video Summary - How can the introduction of self-evaluation frameworks help prepare students for the working world?

TDP video summary Clio Wallington

how will the students creativity be affected by the inclusion of film in the tailoring workshop? H.Sproat

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a short film exploring the use of film in the Haute couture Tailoring workshops