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CLTAD Teaching Development Projects


A collection of outputs from Teaching Development Projects completed in partnership with CLTAD through courses, secondments and Fellowships. Read more.

Can attendance at Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) be improved by timetabling them in accordance with staff and student instruction?

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Taking the idea of Action Research I first looked back at what had been the main aim and interest of previous research in my learning and teaching projects to see what I might expand on and what mi

Will structured sessions focused on critical reflection improve students' reflective practice?

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This is a summary of my Teaching Development Project.

TDP Summary - Peer Evaluation Project - Justin Ascott

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Assessment of group work on the BA Film & Moving Image Production (FMIP) course at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) has been a problematic area in terms of accurately differentiating studen

TDP Project Summary, Liz Dodsworth, Visual Learning Aids

Here is a link to the video summary for my TDP project. It covers the rationale, method and results in brief:

Open Educational Practice Video Summary (2 minutes)

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This short video summarizes the development process of the openly licensed resource that I created for my PG Cert OEP module.


AE3 OEP Project Report "Design Archive"


Why Openness in Education Matters:

This is the online repository for my Open Education Practice Development (AE3) report.

A Tribute To The Remix (In Comic Sans)

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TDP Project 2013

Can introducing a more structured approach into group tutorials improve students' learning outcomes and experience of the dissertation process?