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Fashion Colloquia

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Joris Jansen & Jeroen Visser The Decline of Celebrities Art and Fashion, Presented at Fashion Colloquia Milan on February 15th 2012

Joris Jansen (1981) and Jeroen Visser (1981) have been two equally independent and inseparable individuals for more than a quarter- century.

Nicola Searle - The Intellectual Property Paradox of Fashion, Presented at Fashion Colloquia Milan 15th Feb 2012

Dr. Nicola Searle is an economist specialising in Intellectual Property and the Creative Industries (

New Fashion Colloquia home

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The Fashion Colloquia is made up of a core network of 4 institutions, connected by their residence and involvement in the

Death of the Image Plenary - Fashion Colloquia London

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The full video recording of "Death of the Image" Plenary which took place at the Fashion Colloquia London.



Next Colloquia meeting Milan 15-02-12

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The next colloquia meeting is in Milan on February 15th 2012 (during Milan Fashion week)

Fashion Colloquia - London

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An exciting event exploring the glitz and the glamour and examing fundamental issues of fashion, not least, what is the contribution and purpose of fashion in modern contemporary life?

Public Understanding Towards Sustainable Clothing and the Supply Chain