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Free and Open-Source software in the Arts


Free ‘Libre’ and Open-Source software in the Arts, an open research group to encourage experimentation in the use of open source in arts practice and education: Environments, Tools and Cultures  Read more What is a Open Source? and on join the conversation on the the Free and Open-Source software in the Arts Forum

Free open licensed icons from Google

Free open licensed icons from Google Material Design work who aim to 'Create a visual language that synthesizes cl

Introduction to the GNU/Linux command line

We are running a third workshop on GNU/Linux but we will try to keep it as informal as possible. I will give a short introduction to the command line and show a couple of examples of its use.

Slides for GNU/Linux Alternative apps, Backing up and choosing distro

Please see attached the presentation slides from the last event discussing alternative and open source software here:

Alternative apps, backing up, choosing distro - Introduction to GNU/Linux

22-01-2014, 14.00-17.00 Chelsea A215.The second event of this series has now been scheduled for the 22nd of January.

About Drupal UAL (related group)

This is a quick introduction to Drupal UAL, this project aims to encourage and develop a new open support network for UAL staff and students to explore, experiment and share ideas and knowledge of


artsmooc is a new experimental so

The value of free software to education - an introduction to GNU/Linux

Some information about a forthcoming event at Ligatus can be found here.