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My self directed education


Three Flies - An Interactive Audio Visual Installation

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I’ve been fond of flies for a while now.  I first really noticed their beauty when three of them danced above me a little while ago.  They gently interrupted me o

Why Do We Need a Generation of Innovative, Adaptable, Creative and Open Minded Graduates in the 21st Century?

I had my first day of uni today, I am embarking on a BA in Education, Culture and Society at Goldsmiths.

Cultural Perception

Highland has had the pleasure of hosti

How We Perceive Other Cultures

Have you ever traveled somewhere and you noticed people do things differently which seems strange? E.g.

Beat Nation: Art, Aboriginal Culture and Hip Hop

A day in the Gulf Islands Schools

Whilst traveling in BC, I visited the Gulf Islands. I first stopped by the High School on Salt Spring Island which is the school that has most impressed me so far.

Getting a Broader view of BC's Education System

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I'm starting to get a more realistic view of how the schooling system works. I spent Wednesday at an Alternative School called Glacier View which is fantastic.

Hidden Creatures

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Whilst I was in Wood Working class, I wondered round taking photos and looking at the machines, all of a sudden so many different faces and characters popped out to secretly say hi, they asked me t

What Are You Doing Here?

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I am half way through my first week and I am exhausted! I forgot what hard work it is to be a student, to have a weekly routine and be expected at school five days a week.

First Impressions

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I arrived in Comox, BC, Canada two days ago. Everyday I am discovering this place in so many different ways and slowly adjusting to Canadian culture.