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Supporting open practice on process.arts. The aims of this SCORE Fellowship Project were to explore relationships between traditional arts practice and OER practice: Including use and reuse of OER, best processes and practices, OER communities, inter-college collaborations and the development of an open Arts-UKOER community of practice.

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What factors contribute to the success/failure of institutional repositories in art colleges

These are two questions I answered (draft form) as part of Marta Bustillo first round of the Delphi study on institutional repositories in art colleges, or in art departments within larger institut

EGOER and IP-OER (case study example) in open arts practice

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Relationships and tensions between teaching practice and OEP practice.

SCORE presentation video recording 31-05-12

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SCORE presentation recording 31 May 2012, in this video I talk about my SCORE fellowship project I've been working on over the past year, text notes and info-graphics used in the presentation a

process.arts video for HEA OER stand

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University of the Arts London & SCORE Open University

SCORE Fellowship Programme Interim Formative Evaluation Report

SCORE Project & Theme: Exploring collaborative use and re-use of OER rich media resources in art & design

Fellow: Chris Follows   

Practicing Open Education - EPADE: E Pedagogies for Art & Design Excellence

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Practicing Open Education, recording of the event at Kingston in 2011, Paul Postle provides a excellent overview and insight to art and design OER in 2011 see from 21:00 and mentions process.arts 3

Practice, teaching and open educational practice

How can we bring about changes in belief and attitude? 

SCORE presentation notes 31/05/12

Theme: Exploring collaborative use and re-use of OER rich media resources in art & design

Case study: open educational practice & Intellectual property

Feedback from focus groups and from general discussions shows a great deal of confusion and lack of general clarity and understanding as the main IPR problems for staff.

Unit Title: Open Educational Practice

The ultimate aim of this project is to develop a new 10 credit Open Academic Practice unit in UAL’s Continuing Professional Development Framework (CPDF).  The CPDF is a modular programme