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Second International Non-Western Fashion Conference


The Non-Western Fashion Conference is now on Twitter @NonWestFashion and the hash tag for the conference is

Swati Rao and Shalini Sud

Rise of the Neo- Drape: Redefining the Fashion Identity of India    Swati Rao Bangalore, India swatirao19

Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas and Babette Radclyffe-Thomas

The New Shanghai Xiaojie: Chinese Fashion Identities   Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas ​London College of Fashion n.

Katalin Medvedev

Old motifs for new motives: Looking for the roots of change in the contemporary Cambodian fashion scene   Katalin Medvedev Th

Yuniya Kawamura

Fashion-ology Part II: Constructing A Theory of Non-Western Fashion/Dress   Yuniya Kawamura Fashion Institute of Technology

Özlem Dilber

Middle-Class Women’s Identity During the First Years of the Turkish Republic: Fashion and Beauty in the Popular Women’s Magazines of 1920s

Christine Tsui

The Origin Of “Fashion” In Chinese: Imported Or Created?   Christine Tsui China  

Nathaniel Dafydd Beard

Dynamic Circulations, Identity, and the Contemporary ‘Exotic’    Nathaniel Dafydd Beard Royal College of Art

Adwoa Agyeman

Africa’s Design Industry: From Creative Pursuits to the Business of Fashion   Adwoa .A.

Linda Welters

Non-Western Dress In The West    Linda Welters University of Rhode Island, USA