This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

Second International Non-Western Fashion Conference

Christine Delhaye and Rhoda Woets

Refashioning Africanness as a lifestyle: Vlisco fabrics and wax cloth fashion in Ghana   Christine Delhaye University of Amst

Joke Schrauwen and Anouk Mennes

The Country-of-Origin-Effect on a domestic fashion market   

Anne Peirson-Smith

Redressing the fashion sustainability paradox in Hong Kong and China: an examination of tailor-made promotional practices underpinning sustainable production, consumption and post-cons

Unita Chandan and Anna Lottersberger

Investigating Consumer Perception of Western Retail Models in Bangalore, India: An Explorative Study on Concept Stores  

Sharon Peoples

Wrapped in cloth   Sharon Peoples The Australian National University, Australia

Toby Slade

Cool Biz and Sumptuary Regulation in Japan   Toby Slade  University of Tokyo   

Moshe Levy

Return to our forefathers’ glory?

William Cruz Bermeo

Dress Creators, Creators of Worlds: A Gaze to the Academic Training of the New Colombian Fashion Designers   William Cruz Bermeo

Anneke Beerkens

Japanese Fashion Education and the Creation of a New Generation of Designers    Anneke Beerkens University of Amsterdam