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Social Media at UAL

A social media group to try and bring all the different UAL social media groups together to share good practice and UAL social media vision. please see and contribute to this group.

The first Social Media Working Group meeting at UAL

The first Social Media Working Group meeting will take place at 272 High Holborn, in room HH202.

Skype at CSM: staff survey feedback

Historically Central Saint Martins has had a tricky relationship with Skype.

Connecting machines to social media

An interesting article about social media and organizational transformation - I was particularly excited about GE Aviation connecting an engine to social media: "The new GEnx je

Social Media at UAL

On Monday 10 December I attended a Social Media Workshop at London College of Fashion by Claire Tomlins (PhD, CSM, 2010) who talked about where social media is being applied in corporate branding,

Have we the right balance between open education and commercial social media?

More and more universities seem to be promoting the use of commercial social media sites in the curriculum, mostly for communication and rich media sharing, could this present problems in the futur

Virtual Worlds notes

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I attended a workshop today by Julia Gaimster at UAL exploring Virtual Worlds, I created an avatar in second life in 2007

Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker makes it easy to enhance, remix and share web video.