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action research

Improving dissertation supervision using Action Learning sets

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Teaching Development Project report for Adrian Crookes February 2013

If I introduce a game where the students explore each others’ skills, will this have a positive effect on group collaboration?

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This is an action research project that investigates whether exploring group members' skills through a game could have a positive effect on collaboration. 

TDP: Communication and participation in the crit

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Will enabling students to define the evaluation criteria, establish a shared language framework and identify ‘best practice’ in a crit, achieve an active arena of student communication

How Can Conceptual Thresholds And Outcome-Based Teaching Improve Software Learning?

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The main intervention described in this report was directed at my film editing software induction course and implemented ‘constructive alignment’ to practice.

Will students use their feedback if they've written it up themselves?

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A brief video describing my Action Research Teaching Development Project.

Action Research @ The Language Centre

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Action Research at the Langua

Striking a balance between practice and open practice ?

Striking a balance between practice and open practice, what does it mean to operate in a digital environment? Chris Follows, University of the arts London 2011

Discovering That Glazing Is Amazing - action research PG Cert

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PG Cert Learning and Teaching 2010

Manda Helal, Ceramic & General Technician