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ball bearing

31 - Clear acrylic box

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Clear acrylic offers an effective and relatively simple way of exploring the idea of containment, or of separating the viewer from an object.

25 - Resin cube

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The loose ball bearing in object 31 is fixed this time, inside a cast of clear polyester resin.

21 - Surrealist box

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A useful device for three-dimensional assemblages or collages of found objects, the glass-fronted box is a favourite tool for the exploration of juxtaposed objects.

Poster for studio/workshop display; Cubes & Spheres 26 Cubes, 27 Spheres

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Paul Lindley (CCW) 26 Spheres, 27 Cubes - Widening scope of and access to technical information. In collaboration with Process Arts this practical research exercise investigates the wide