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How to Write Blog PostsThat Fit Your Audience

What is the point in having perfectly written content, search engine ready web pages, and sale worthy text if you are not making an impact on your customers?

'Making the Invisible Visible' project

The 'Making the Invisible Visible' project was an experimental approach to documenting and sharing the thinking and making behind the production of a piece of work.The wearable technologies

5th POI Session feedback -Design Implementation Blogging

We had the fifth session on the online professional identities project last week with Mark Wells teaching Design Implement

Design Implementation - Blogging

Design Implementation - Blogging | Online Identities Pilot Programme 2013/14

Getting started with myblog.arts

Workshop: Getting started with myblog.arts (50 minutes)

Go to Do NOT log in.

Lessons learned from introducing blogging to teaching staff

Lessons learned from introducing blogging to teaching staff in the context of a compulsory professional development programme

How to join the and blog groups

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How to join the DIAL blog

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How to join the DIAL blog on myblog.arts, If you don't have one already then please create a new account -

How to use social media: Part 1: Blogging

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Benefits of blogging for professional artists and those working in the arts - Chris Unitt from Meshed Media in conversation with Charlotte Frost.