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Sand Casting - INTRODUCTION Philip White & jenny dunseath

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Introduction for Sand Casting Process with Philip White and Jenny Dunseath in the foundry at Camberwell college of Art London.

#ALTO COMP - Larry Final Submission: A Collective...

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When individuals come together to make a friend circle/unit/collective, individually they become one.



3D resource at Camberwell College of Art

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The second of three short films by Philip White (instructor of the hugely popular sand casting tutorials - - This film

Casting ice cream/plaster mould

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Q; Hi Tirantis,

I’m always advising students to "go and buy it at Tirantis", but now I need some advice myself if that’s OK!



42 - latex sphere

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Cast using the same plaster mould see slide as object41, see slide,and object etc the technique is to fill the mould entirely, allow the outer “skin; to thi

Spheres and Cubes

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Supported by a CLIP CETL Fellowship my aim was partly to explore the variety of three dimensional production techniques commonly in use across UAL, and partly to examine ways of s