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Monoprinting a Photocopy Image onto Clay

LITHOGRAPHY ONTO CLAY - Monoprinting a Photocopy Image onto Clay

How do final year students in ceramics manage their technical progression?

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A lo-fi, wonky video about final year students in ceramics in the UAL and how they learn.

Foundation Ceramics Open CourseBook

The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design: Ceramics is designed to enable you to learn through discovery and exploration; this is primarily achieved through your engagement with projects, lectures a

Foundation Degree in Ceramics at Batley College of Art, Kirklees College, Dewsbury

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CERAMICS Degree Show Images from Batley School of Art

Generic ceramics course

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As part of the ALTO project the aim is to create a generic course in Ceramics.

Studio Crits Performance and Ceramics

Watch this video!

Short clip of group studio critique from Wimbledon College of Foundation showing a Fine art crit of a Performance and Ceramics crit.

39 - Terra-cotta cube

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Visible on the top, near the front corner is the small hole necessary for the air contained within the cube, to escape as it expands during firing in the kiln.

07 - Ceramic sphere

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Clay slip is poured into the plaster mould (See slide 2) until it is filled to the brim and left for several minutes.