Ian Livingstone - Code Create Collaborate

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Skip to 24 mins to start the lecture - Generation Z are the connected generation, living in an age of high-tech communications, t

Physical Computing and IOT Information

IOT: Internet of Things. A concept encompassing the increasing inter-connectivity of physical objects via the internet.

Arduino Yun and Websockets

I've spent the last two weeks or so trying to connect an Arduino Yun to a server using websockets.

Chelsea Jam CCW Digital MakerSpace day

Chelsea Jam: CCW Digital MakerSpace day | May 13th 2015 |

Reuters Report from Event at LCC Finding the next young tech millionaire

This Reuters report was recorded at a @freeformers_uk coding event at UAL, @LCCLondon London College of Communications in the summer 2013.

Web coding with Freeformers at LCC

DIAL and SEE met with http://www.freeformers.com/ and looked at possible collaborations

LCC TechJam with Freeformers UAL Alumni welcome

LCC TechJam with Freeformers 16th May. This event will teach coding skills in a day and UAL Alumni are welcome to attend.

What most schools don’t teach

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Learn about a new “superpower” that isn’t being taught in schools.

CSS, HTML and Javascript

Audience and Pre-Requisites

This tutorial covers just what you need to know about CSS, DHTML and JavaScript in order to work with AJAX.

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