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Creative Choices: Social enterprise collaboration between CSM and Women @ the Well

If you would like to see the updates of this research project then please have a look at the presentation at the very end of this listing for the latest summary. It is titlted Appendix 3

Collaboration Proposal

Wearable Technology for Arts Practice

8 Best Apps for Team Collaboration

As more and more apps utilize the cloud's file-storing and -sharing capabilities, remote team collaboration becomes even easier.

Call for Papers! Art of Disruptive Engagement - Designs on E-Learning 2013

Somewhere Along the Line - Video Presentation

See video

An exploration of bilingual community learners’ attitudes around literacy skills and learning using technology by

Exploring OER rich media reuse through social media content communities

Short description: Two SCORE fellows discuss OER use of social media content communities and highlight best practice in rich media reuse within the arts, design & media sector.

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Open source online video editing software

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You can upload your own media to this site - either materials on your hard drive, or directly in from web-cam or computer mic. You edit online.

Movie Masher open source online video editor

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An open source video editor which can be embedded into your own web site.

Open source video editing and VJ software

Open source editor and VJ tool - you have to download to PC/Mac to use.